Getting ready to play games!!

Playing games in a circle

SO this is my first event!! I was so excited to have been invited to attend my schools resource room’s drama club. The kids who attend this club are all special needs and have a variety of different challenges, yet they still try very hard, and they might even try harder then other people. I have worked with all these kids in the past and I know them all, during this club meeting we played a variety of different drama games. But before we got into the games they all wanted to take pictures with me in my crown. Then the games began, the first game we played was called “leader”, where one person does an action and the others (in the circle) has to repeat it ,all while one person is trying to guess who is the leader. The other game we played can get very confusing, it’s a game called WHOOSH, this game is a bit tricky. First one person starts out with an “ imaginary energy ball” then they have to pass it to the next person by saying whoosh, this person can now say bang ( with their hands up in the air) to make the energy ball turn and go to the person on the other side of them, or they can say zap, and point at someone and send the ball that way. You get eliminated by saying the wrong thing, or not saying whoosh, bang, or zap in time. It was a good meeting where everyone seemed to enjoy themselves, and the kids focusing skills got a good workout. When all the fun and games were done we walked back to the class room and took a group photo before I had to get to my next class.

Our group photo

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