“If you Desire to make a difference in this world, YOU must be DIFFERENT  from the world”~ Elain S. Dalton

Today I attended the second annual Autism Awareness Walk in Polson Park here in Vernon. When I first arrived I was early so I helped hand out blue balloons to all the kids (blue is the awareness color for autism). When the event started the people from NONA,who were the event organizers, started to do an exercise warm up session for all the kids.

Selfie with two Rainbow Tigers

At first none of the kids wanted to do this warm up, so I jumped right in and got some of them moving and ready for action. The ten or so kids that I had exercised with, got to go up on stage with me and show everyone else how to do it. The walk started after everyone was warmed up, the head organizer held up a puzzle piece and we all began to walk behind here(a puzzle piece is the symbol for autism). During the walk I meet this little girl who told me she had always wanted to meet a “queen”, and gently put her tiny hand in mine.We held hands for the entire walk around the park and held our blue balloons in our free hand. It was very cool because for as far as the eye could see was a “sea” of blue balloons, as every kid had one and was walking with them. When the walk was over (yes only one lap) the fun began. When the kids returned to the center of the park there was a bouncy house, Kiki the Eco Elf doing face paint, games, food and live entertainment. For a bit I just walked around doing various things such as playing with the kids in the lawn bowling station. Then for the last hour I got to help Kiki the Eco Elf out with her face paints. Click here for a video of Kiki the Eco Elf face painting. After most of the kids had their face painted their parents would want a photo with them, and me.

My Princess buddy

It still feels amazing when this happens. Then when I was leaving a little girl in her tiara came up to me and hugged me. She was so sweet, her parents wanted a photo of us together, the two queens! She told me that she loved that we were matching :). This was such a fun day!!

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