Enjoying the seminar

Selfie with my friend Paige

Watching Mark talk

On Tuesday May Fifth I attended the B.C leadership conference at UBCO (University of British Columbia Okanagan). This day long event was filled with knowledge and fun. Fist we arrived and got signed in, and got our notebooks. The man who signed me in referred to me as “royalty”. When we walked into the room about 150 students from all over B.C. were all sitting and talking. Students traveled from as far as Rossland! Once the conference began, we all sat down and Mark (as we came to know the speaker ) introduced himself. Mark asked us to ask questions, about how to make our school a better place. When he called on me, my question was “how can we get better participation for dress up days”. He seemed to enjoy my question, and his answer was simple. “Set up days that are “low risk”, low risk meaning easy to do such as, backward shirt day, P.J day and hat day. When we broke for lunch, Subway was nice enough to cater for all of the students. At lunch we all got to mingle, and I made some new friends from Salmon Arm. During lunch my new friends and I explored the Campus. After lunch we had a Magician come and do some tricks for us. First he called a volunteer from the audience and juggled pins over the volunteers head. Then he juggled hatchets, but he didn’t juggle them over his head. He also did some tricks that involved tricking the mind and finished with the grand slam….ESCAPING FROM A STRAINGHT JACKET! This was so amazing; I had seen it done on T.V. but never in person. To watch a video of his escape click HERE. After that Mark returned for the last part of the day and we talked about making our schools enjoyable, by filling the school walls with quotes, art, student achievements, students in the news, and so on. He broke us into groups where we talked about things like what is special about the halls of our schools, what type of fundraising do we do, and what in our school needs to be improved. Then we left with a weird little song, chant type thing that went like, Bommba, Eh, B.C. Click HERE for that video. At the end of the day I left with so much inspiration and new knowledge of how to become a better leader.👑

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