Hannging with the Swift girls at the Gala

Sweet treats for the guests

Yesterday, May, 2nd I attended the Shoppers Drug Mart “Breast Cancer Awareness Gala”, and the best part….. It was Taylor Swift themed!! My job was to ask people Taylor Swift trivia questions, if they got three or more right then they would get a goody bag! Some of these questions were “what are Taylor’s cat’s names, name three Taylor Swift albums, and what is Taylor’s lucky number. I love Taylor Swift, and her music but I was seriously lacking on the answers to these questions. I also helped run the picture frame (photo booth). The frame was where people could stand behind it and have their picture taken with life sized Taylor Swift stand ups on either side. Quite often people asked to take a photo with me, which was a lot of fun. The best thing about this event was that all of the funds went to breast cancer research. 👑

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