My Favorite Parts of the Shuswap

I have been fortunate enough to be raised in the most beautiful spot in the Interior of BC. A little community of 2 little towns that have meshed together! Sorrento/Blind Bay! We are known as the Heart of the Shuswap, and for very good reason! We h059ave the Shuswap Lake in our backyard, front yard, it’s all around us!
When I talk, I say that I live ‘on the Shuswap’ and the usual response is WOW! You’re so lucky! But it really is more than that! This town comes ALIVE in the summer! That’s just how it is, plain and simple! People from all over Alberta and across BC flood this town in the summer! We also have many NHL hockey players who have their summer homes here! We also have many bed and breakfasts and resorts ( with a summer cabin feel to it ) and they are full with excitement and happiness. Sun tans, bikinis and flip flops are everywhere! A super fun energy!

The best part though is most definitely the lake itself! Shuswap Lake! It is huge! We have Little Shuswap, Big Shuswap – and the lake has many ‘arms’ as well! Seymour Arm, Salmon Arm ( which is also a town close by ) Ansty Arm – these are joined together by the ‘narrows’ I am so blessed to live in a Summer Paradise! It is a dream for anyone who loves to be on the water. The Shuswap is a boaters dream!

You can go kayaking, wake boarding, swimming, fishing but this summer already I have discovered Stand Up Paddle Boarding! What an amazing way to start your day! It’s so calm and peaceful in the mornings and you can paddle forever! Some even paddle over to Cooper Island!

Copper Island is the lakes ‘Main Event’ it’s located in the Big Shuswap and is Awesome! You can hike it, go cliff jumping and it’s a meeting place for everyone out on the lake! The water is warm, every386one is playing music – you can tie your boats together and just float!
Another cool part of the lake is that it is on the shores of Blind Bay! There are beaches that we use, but it is also right by Centennial Field! This is owned by Shuswap Lake Estates and they work with other locals to host many different bands to come and play throughout the summer! So you can float in your boat and enjoy Music in the Bay!
And last but definitely not least is the best way to end your day on the lake would be to stop in at FINZ. This is our awesome little restaurant on the water! Giant patio overlooking the lake with great food and awesome people! They also bring in bands to play, fresh seafood…’s the best way to unwind after a tough day on the lake!
Yes, I am a ‘small town girl’ but I live in the best small town ever! The people here, our community is Top Notch! This definitely is the Heart of the Shuswap!!!!!

My personal favorite part of the Shuswap is the beautiful sky, there is so much beauty in it! I get lost in the unique colors, clouds and shine that it always has. I find peace in just looking into the Shuswap sky it makes me feel so small in this huge world.


Written by: Kara

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