Canada day

Canada Day

I am not a Hockey player and I have never seen a Lacrosse game, but I am a proud Canadian, and I think Canada is great for many reasons. Its natural beauty is incomparable, where else can you drive from rain forest to dessert in a matter of hours? We can not only swim in the water we can also drink it. If we get sick we have access to medical care weather we are rich or poor, it may not be perfect but it is considered one of the best! Male or female, young or old we can all attend school and get an education.

I love Canadian Water

Fresh water

Canadians have the right to speak any language they choose and we have not one but two official languages, “voulez-vous parler en français avec moi ?” We are home to diverse cultures, and being someone that loves food I think we are very fortunate to have a variety of ethnic cuisines available to us, via fine dinning or street vendors. Canada also produces a huge amount of the food we eat, from salmon on the West Coast to lobster on the East, Alberta beef, Prairie wheat, Okanagan fruit and wines, we are so lucky to have so many natural resources.

Honoring our a fallen hero

Honoring a fallen hero

In Canada we are free to openly love who we want and to worship in a church a temple, or anywhere else we choose. Canadians don’t start wars but we come to the aide of the victims of war. We pay tribute to fallen soldiers by standing shoulder to shoulder on highways as we watch one of our own pass by;

Ogopogo statue


Highway of Hero’s was born out of this uniquely Canadian phenomenon. We are always one of the first countries to send aide for almost every natural disaster world wide. We have the right to speak out against anything we don’t believe in and we have human rights that protect us from unfair working conditions and persecution for our beliefs.

The Lumberjack in  Iroquois Falls, Ontario


We can live where we choose; we can own our own homes and work where we want in order to pay for them. We have Killer Whales, Polar Bears, a Sasquatch and the Ogopogo. We celebrate Christmas, Chinese New Year, Dawali and Gay Pride. We are home to three oceans, not only lakes but the Great Lakes, The Rocky Mountains, Niagara Falls, huge International cities, ghost towns and Drumheller, Dinosaurs once lived here. More people want to get into Canada then want to leave, but we are free to leave if we want to. I think this is what makes us want to stay it is why Canada is great. It is our freedoms and the choices we have that make us so fortunate to live in the greatest place on earth. And I for one don’t mind the igloos or my plaid lumberjack shirt! And of course the fact that we still respect the crown, well Eh! You know what I mean! 👑


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