The amazing guitarist

Some performers

Two kids who wanted to take a selfie

The girl who thought I was a princess

Howdy everyone, today I attended the final day of the Kamloops Cowboy Festival. This is the largest Cowboy Festival in Canada, and one of the largest in North America!!This was such a fun event to attend. This Festival is open to all ages, so when you are there, there is quite a variety of ages. In one room there were different booths, where people are selling various handcrafted items. There was also an open mic in the sales room, where people were preforming things like, poetry, songs, and guitar, etc. They also had a talent competition happening in a large theater, across the hall. The talent was truly amazing, there was everything from a family of seven singing, dancing and playing instruments, there was also lassoing, and even yodeling. Plus there was an art show, and competition. The art was incredible, there were clay sculptures of bucking bronco’s, wood carvings, painting and even photography. There was this amazing older lady who was just sitting playing her guitar and singing songs, she was so friendly and energetic with her guitar. When I was walking around a little two year old girl came up to me wanting a photo with me because I was a “Princess”. I got asked this again later by two kids that were helping there mom run a booth. I had so much fun at this event meeting people who came all the way from Ontario and Saskatchewan. It is so cool to know that people travel that far to come to the Okanagan!

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