Helping one of the charities "Enderby Preschool"

Yesterday I attended the Bay’s “Giving Day”, here in Vernon. This event helps local charities, such as the Vernon SPCA, the Upper Room Mission, Kindale (a society for special needs) and many many more. At this event people purchase a ticket by a minimum donation of five dollars to their charity of choice, then they get 15 percent off anything in the store. At this event I was taught how to be a makeup artist, and what effect these charities have in the Okanagan. At the end of the day even though it was a smaller event, I met a lot of nice people and I went home with more knowledge then I came with. 🙂

Today Emily who is Miss Teenage Kelowna and I participated in Kelowna Good Life Easter Egg hunt. About Three thousand people showed up today, which was so amazing! Emily and I ran the bouncy castle. Our station was the second busiest , behind the egg hunt (of course). This was so fun we had several kids come to jump and others wanted high fives, or hugs. Many parents came up to us and ask to take a picture of us with there kids. Then when we took our break for lunch we had time to walk around a little.

Bouncing with some kids

Miss Teenage Kelowna and I, with a chid

Several children came up to us asking if we were princesses, and if they could have a high five. We got to walk around with the big Tigger (yes from Winnie the Pooh), Tigger was a huge attraction with the five and under age group, all Tigger was doing was walking around giving little kids hugs and high fives.Then we walked over to the egg hunt and cheered on all the kids who were hunting for their eggs. Walking all around the park was an Easter Bunny, who was dropping eggs on the ground behind him. There was also children competitions on stage, such as shake the can (the kids would shake a can and who ever fizzed up the highest won), hopscotch, and many more. Everyone who competed on stage left with a prize.

Having some fun in the bouncy castle

There was also a raffle where they were giving away baskets, the most popular was the frozen basket. Walking around this event, I met so many interesting people and saw so many happy faces. Then when we went back to the bouncy castle we were the last booth open. Some of the kids even stayed to watch the castle deflate. It was so cool to see all the smiles today. I know that all these kids left with a smile and (most important)CANDY!! Click here for more photos.

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