Giving flowers to a woman

Walking to the next location

A woman in the "Pink Lady Bug"

Nothing really was happening today in the Okanagan to celebrate the first day of spring and also International Happiness Day, so I decided to create my own event. I went out and purchased 100 daffodils then I attached a card that read “There’s no key to happiness. The door is always open”, by Mother Teresa. I attached this with a ribbon to each flower then headed out to downtown Vernon where I gave them out to all the people working in the downtown stores. People were so shocked to see me wearing my sash and crown and then they were so happy to receive my small gift of spring. Many people said they had heard me on the radio and others that they had seen me in the paper, it was very exciting and it felt really great to make so many people happy. It was also a great reason to go into many businesses that I had never been into before and to meet a lot of awesome people. I am really lucky to live in an awesome city where the people are so friendly. I think I made a few peoples drizzly grey first day of spring brighter and I know all the nice comments I got really made this a Happy 1st Day of Spring!

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