Making new friends

Making new friends

On July 7th I was the guest of honor at the Okanagan library’s Goldie Blox fun day. Goldie Blox is a fictional character for kids (mostly girls) who build things. The initial reason for the Goldie Blox franchise was to encourage young girls to become anything their hearts desire. I believe that Goldie Blox has done a great job of getting young girls to think outside the Blox box about what they can do and become. The commercial for the toys does an awesome job of showing what girls can do.

Goldie Blox

At the library Goldie Blox day we read story’s and then built the objects in the story’s, with Goldie Blox sets. We built a little parade float, a carnival merry-go round, and even a movie projector that actually worked. The hardest toy to build was the projector but it was also the coolest to play with, this was very cool because you could watch a little movie without having electricity.  All of the kids loved having “The Queen” as they called me, there to play with.

Building with Goldie Blox

Building the projector

After we had finished building and playing with our Goldie Blox creations I walked over to the children’s section of the library, and a loud gasp came from a group of kids from a local day-care who were visiting. They were surprised to see me and all of the kids were so adorable and wanted to get a photo with me. It was such an unforgettable experience to be asked for my autograph. It has been such an amazing experience to have such an impact on young kids because of my crown and sash I feel very honored and grateful for the opportunities I have had to meet such wonderful people and to put smiles on their faces.👑


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