On the New Royalty Fire Truck

On Thursday May, 15th I was honored to be the visiting royalty at the Lavington May day , and Procession! First off I just want to put out a huge thank you to the Silver Star excellence program’s, Sue Slater, for inviting me, and driving me to this event. When we arrived we (Princess Silver Star; Hanna Vaz and I) were split up into two groups, either the new May Day Royalty or the Retiring Royalty. I got the new royalty; we were also introduced to our escorts and got little flowers to put on out dresses.

Waving to the crowd

Then we got loaded into old fashion fire trucks, with our May Day Royalty and off we went on the royalty parade. When we got to the park we had to wait for the rest of Lavington Elementary school to come to the park, this was so cute, they even had to bring there chairs from their desks. Our adorable little escorts got to walk us down the “Royalty” path for the Procession, then it began.

My Escort and I

Oh Canada was sung then the festivities began. The school band played, and then the Royal Jesters came out for an amazing performance.

The Royal Jesters preforming

During the Royal ceremony I was called up as Visiting Royalty which was such an honor. After that the traditional May Pole dance commenced, it was my favorite part of the event, this was especially cool because all of the dancers were only in grade four. I had no idea how many dances there were to perform the dance. After the May dance more of the Elementary School classes performances. They were all truly amazing.
Once the performances were finished we went for tea, where I was once again introduced as visiting royalty. At the tea the Royal Jesters served us. The coolest thing however was seeing all the past Royalty’s pictures hanging on the walls. Parents, Garand parents, sisters, would point at a picture saying this is me. Lavington is such an amazing small town and a community event such as this one shows how intertwined this little town is. Everyone here knows everyone. So watching, and talking to these families who saw themselves on the wall of “fame” was amazing.

The New Senior Royalty and I

Congratulations to the new Lavington May Day Royalty
May day Queen~ Chelsea Holmes
Ambassadors~ Hanna McMorran and Emma Roine
Junior Ambassadors~ Matt Lorentz and Heidi Wright
I hope to see all of you and the wonderful jesters at more upcoming local events ! 👑

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