The KISS FM mural

Selfie with Jason Anderson

Hey everyone! So today I was on my local radio station 107.5 kiss FM! On the morning talk show “J-Talking”. This was so cool. The radio booth was nothing like I imagined, it was just a small room with a door on both sides, a window, and a long table with three telescoping microphones, and a computer. Before the interview started, Jason Anderson (the host of J-talking) joked around about stealing my crown. Then when the interview started I was shocked how easy it was. It felt like someone just asking me questions about things like what did it take to get a crown. Jason was even nice enough to mention that I needed sponsors! He also posted on the web site, their new status was ‘hanging out with royalty’. This was such an amazing experience that without the Miss Teenage Canada pageant I would not have had. I would like to extend a big thank you to KISS FM, and all the staff that helped me make a truly special memory.

Thank You KISS FM 

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