Having fun in a parachute dome

On Saturday I participated in two events! First I helped “The Boys and Girls Club” run their booth at the “Kelowna Spring Hill Climb”. The “Spring Hill Climb” is a hike to the top-of Knox mountain, it is to raise money and awareness for healthy living. While there I got to play with little kids as young as ten months old, we played parachute games as well as several others, while the parents climbed the mountain. At this event we also had drumming lessons, magic stick lessons (a magic stick is like a baton only instead of using your hands you use two other sticks) and we also had cart-wheel lessons. The people teaching these lessons to the kids were professionals and high school students. After the parents were done climbing, and came back down, some of them would join us and play. It felt really good to see the kids at the end of the event leave with a smiles on their faces.

The Scorehawks sign

Then the next event I attended was the Vernon Score hawks Special Needs Hockey tournament. This is a very important local event because it is the first tournament of its kind. Kids with special needs can now attend regular classes at school, and even get jobs, but can they play on there brother or sisters hockey teams? No! Hockey programs run by “Age With Ability”, are one of the few organizations that allows special kids to play, very few other teams allow kids with special needs on the teams. Fortunately this year there were enough special needs hockey teams to be able have a tournament! To see the whole special needs community come out and support this exuberant group was quite amazing because quite often these kids are not treated as well as they should be. There where people with special needs of all ages who came to play, and some came as far as Vancouver.(The Vancouver Canucks Autism Network team).

Posing with the Canucks Autism Network sharks

This was such an amazing event to attend, and even though most of the games ended zero-zero or in a tie the kids still left with the biggest grins on there faces you have ever seen. It was such a honor to meet some of the people who have dedicate their lives to working with these kids, such as the support workers, and of course the coaches.

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