One of the parks Barn Owls

Ridding the Mini railway

Selfie with a bearded dragon

On Sunday I attended the Kamloops Wild Life Park’s 50th anniversary! The Kamloops wildlife park rehabilitates wild animals, if they can be released they will release them, if not then the animals are given a permanent home at the park. They have all sorts of animals, from animals that live in British Columbia like bears, bison, and deer as well as animals that live far a way such as camels. At the beginning of the day (9:00am) I was welcoming the public and telling them the scheduled for the day. The admission was by donation and all proceeds went to the rehabilitation program. At this event there was also a side event happening in the conference room, this event was the Juvenal diabetes group. There were about one hundred children and their families that were living with Juvenile diabetes. The kids got to walk around with me and the park educator for a little bit, this was so cool, I learned so many things I did not know about these animals. One of the facts I learned was that a porcupine can NOT shoot their quills, they actually back up into their victims. Another thing I learned was that a camel does not hold water in it’s humps it holds fat in them. Also an alpaca will not spit on you unless you look it in the eyes (one person learn this first hand). Then all the kids got to ride the mini train that goes around the park and views all the animals, they were so excited when we went under the tunnel. We saw a lot of different animals while on the train that we did not see when walking around, such as a wolf, badger, and a bobcat! The kids made us ride the train nearly five times and they loved blowing the train whistle! After we got off the train we went to the petting zoo where they have animals like a donkey, goats, and lambs. Then we went and watched the owl feeding, and the bear feeding. Click here to see a video of the bear feeding. After this the kids went back inside where there is a “discovery” playroom where you can learn about animals while playing. Then the park educator took the bearded dragon out so that all of the kids could pet it. It was such an amazing day! It was so fun to experience all these animals and know that, all the funds the park raised will go to help out more animals in the near future. 🙂

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