My new pals

Little readers

On Friday July 3rd I was invited to attend the Okanagan Library Summer reading club’s opening ceremony. The second I walked in the doors, all of the little girls and some of the little boys gasped in disbelief. Some even whispered it’s a princess!! Before the ceremony began I was able to talk to some of the children, I was a little shocked that not a single one was shy. Once the ceremony began all of the kids were very intrigued with the book readers.

Watching a movie

Watching the video

There was a puppet show, and several funny books were read. After this I was able to say a bit about how books can help you escape reality. I spoke about how you can step into a book and feel like you are the main character.

Looking at our goodie bags

Looking in our goodie bags

After I spoke we watched a video, called “All About Those Books”, which was a parody of the Meghan Trainor hit “All About That Bass”. The CHALLENGE is for the kids to make a video about books or reading!! The kids then were given goody bags, and then were able to look at the prizes. I took photos with several kids, one little boy came up and put his arm around me while I was getting a photo with his sister. Toooo cute!! Then after the ceremony was over I went over to the kids zone and read to some kids. It was such a fun experience, and I can’t wait to see the video’s that the kids come up with! 👑


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