PARTY girls!

Time for cake

Hello everyone, today I surprised a local girl with special needs, by stopping by at her birthday party! I have worked with this girl in the past and she knows me quite well. Her birthday wish was that I would stop by her party in my crown. Her mom phoned me and told me this and asked if it would be possible for me to stop by. I was so happy I could do this for her. So the day of the party, I put on my crown and went out the door to the bowling ally where the party was taking place. When I walked in the doors, the bowling lane the party was playing on, was right ahead of me. When the birthday girl saw me she turned and screamed in excitement. She then ran up to me and hugged me, she was so happy that I had come and that I had worn my crown. We spent the next hour bowling, and teaching her how to bowl, and how to not get her fingers squashed by the balls. It was such an amazing experience to see how happy I made her, just by putting an hour aside to attend her party and surprise her. I felt really privileged to have been apart of this party and as much happiness as I may have brought her by attending, she brought me even more by her beautiful smile. 😉

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