Miss Teenage Okanagan Crowning

Miss Teenage Okanagan Crowning

It is finally here, my week with Miss Teenage Canada starts today, and I can’t wait to meet all of the other finalists!! It feels as if it has been a decade since I was crowned. I am proud to say that I surpassed my goal of 50 events!! And I rose over 1000$ for Free The Children. I feel so blessed to have an opportunity like this. Being crowded Miss Teenage Okanagan has changed my life forever. I feel that I have made a noticeable difference in my community. I have shown people that everyone should be treated fairly and I’ve tried my very hardest to included everyone, with every ability. I have seen youth and kids smile when I walk into a room, and the grins only got bigger when I high fived them. I have traveled the province and been part of events I would only have dreamed of before MTC, such as the Vancouver Canada Day parade, and visiting RMHBC.

Samantha from RMHBC

Samantha from RMHBC

I have seen children with cancer faces light up when playing with them. I have witnessed communities’ coming together to support causes like, Cancer, MS, ALS, and many more. I have been on radios, T.V, Newspapers, Magazines and every other type of media there is. I have spoken to people all across B.C. about anti bullying and inclusion for all. I have spoken about the importance of treating everyone how you would want to be treated. My reign is far from over, yet it feels like it has been a life time. I feel like my first event was decades ago.

I Love the Okanagan, where I call home

I LOVE the Okanagan, where I call home

I feel like I have changed, I’m more connected to my city and my province. It has been great getting to this point, and now it is Miss Teenage Canada time I ask you, my readers, my friends, to please vote for me to become the next Miss Teenage Canada. Did you know that there has never been a Miss Teenage Canada from B.C? And no Okanagan girl has ever made it to the top 20? I want to be that girl so I ask you to please vote for me. I want to share the beauty of the Okanagan and of B.C with the whole country! I want to share with people all across Canada, how to include everyone special needs or not, and to stand up when you see someone being bullied. Watch the video down below on how to vote, step by step. And THANK YOU!1f451


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  1. Jean Papou says:

    Our vote is for Samantha Sewell. She is an amazing girl. We are so proud of her. Coco grandma and grandpa

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