A reason to walk

A great reason to walk

On Thursday June 4 I attended my schools Water Walk. This is a program is for Free the Children and walks are held all over the country. This event is to help raise awareness for problems in devolving countries, where adults and kids alike have to walk miles to get water. Even then the water, quite often is not good it is filthy and by our standards is non-drinkable, but this is all they have and they must drink it anyway. Girls in developing countries spend their days carrying water and can’t even go to school, because it takes up their entire day. For our Water Walk, we walked from my school to Kal-Lake, filled up a four-litre milk container, and then hiked back up the hill to the school.

Filling the water Bucket

Filling the water Bucket

This is just a small portion of what these girls in developing countries go through in order to supply their families with water. I could not imagine going through this daily, as it was pretty hard to do the few miles we walked.  This is a well known walk with several like it taking place in many large and small cities all across Canada, such as in Vancouver, Ontario, and Québec.

Two years ago Spencer West (who has no legs) set out with his two best friends to climb Mount Kilimanjaro, starting the Walk for Water campaign.  That year they raised over 500,000 dollars to support clean water in drought-affected communities in Kenya.  But Spencer tells people that you don’t have to climb a mountain to make a difference.

Chatting with the kids at the end

Chatting with the kids at the end

Last year on May 6, Spencer’s and his two friends, hit the road, this time in North America. They took part in “We Walk 4Water”, an epic 300-kilometre trek from Edmonton to Calgary!! For 11 days, they walked in solidarity in support of women and children around the world who spend over one hundred million hours travelling to gather water for their families. I had the honor of meeting Spencer West last year and he is a huge inspiration. 👑

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